History of Magnetic Power Generators

The history of magnetic power generators reveals that scientists like Newton and Albert Einstein played with the concept to some extent, but not as much as something like the plans in Earth4Energy. Old scientists were of the opinion that these power generators could be used as an alternative source of power.

When magnets are placed correctly, they can generate power due to the positive and negative attraction and repulsion of magnetic poles. In 1977, Bruce De Palma build the first magnetic generator called the ‘N-Machine’. After that, many alterations were done to the basic model to come up with a more accurate and reliable power generator. The history of magnetic power generators was carried forward in 1991when Ludwig Brits and Victor Christie started exploring the N-machine to further extent.

Ludwig and Victor followed the basic design and concept of the power generator and developed it further while using the latest technology and came up with their own power generator. The magnetic generator’s function is based upon three laws of physics. These three laws work together to make the magnetic generator functional.

The key is to combine AC and DC currents into a single unit by precisely controlling the input and output voltages. It is necessary to keep the two currents separated to avoid electric shocks. The DC or Direct Current generates the magnetic effect in the generator whereas the AC or the Alternative Current increases the magnetic effect further. The magnetic generator is an efficient device that eliminates the use of large energy supplies. It works by using the Direct Current (DC) as input electricity to an amplified output with the help of Alternating Current (AC).

It is assumed that the magnet power generator uses less power input and gives more power output. Hence, the device is an efficient invention to save energy reserves. There are many advantages associated with this power generator. One of the advantages is that the device will help save money. Normally people pay huge amount of money to the electricity suppliers each month. However, with the help of magnetic power generator money can be saved that goes in electricity bills.

Another advantage is that the energy and power, which is generated from magnetic fields, largely eliminates the use of power and energy and results in a reduction of carbon dioxide from every single household. It is said that magnetic power generators are alternative energy devices for many households. People who want to save money on their electricity bills or who prefer to live a green life would definitely opt for the magnetic power generators.

Although the concept of the magnetic power generator dates back to many years ago it has been further developed to act as a reliable alternative to conventional methods of generating power. These magnetic generators are said to be more efficient than any other source of economical power generation like solar or wind. The best thing about these magnetic generators is that they do not require fuel to operate and they are not affected by the weather either. This device enables an individual to stop being dependent on the electric companies.

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