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Last Updated: August 10, 2011
Reducing your energy bill and saving money every month is a powerful motivator for anyone. When investing in your home, you want to make sure you make the right decisions about the things you try – after all there is always a lot at stake – your time, your money, and the overall value of your home.

We’ve personally run into many homeowners who are unsure which products work and deliver on their promises. The right money-saving investment begins by choosing the right product the first time – not later. Choosing the wrong product may backfire – costing you even more in the long run.

This is why we decided to review several solar energy guides and determine which ones were the very best – our key criteria were depth of knowledge, easy-to-implement panels, and overall installment and money saving success.

We invested a lot of time and energy into creating this guide for you by working with a few volunteers who wanted to place solar panels on their homes. We also met with a few independent solar panel experts to see if these products would pass our criteria.

In total we reviewed seven solar panel guides – but only three met our criteria:

  • Depth of Knowledge - comprehensive information on solar panels and the installation process
  • Easy to Use Plans - well written and simple to understand; as well as easy to implement
  • End Result Success - a guide that works
Our Choice  Earth 4 Energy

Rating 9.3/10

Depth of Knowledge
Easy Plans

"Without a doubt the best solar energy guide..."

This program works for anyone who is interested in learning how to generate their own power and reduce their energy bill by making their very own solar panels.

This solar guide comes to us from Michael Harvey, co-founder of, who has discovered an extraordinary method for ordinary folks to make their own solar panels – and essentially save a ton of money every year. The guide is complete with a comprehensive six step series on how to create and install the system yourself. No fluff or extra material here that you aren’t going to use.

In a simple step-by-step set of instructions, Mr. Harvey guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.

The task of setting up your own solar panels may see daunting at first, but this course guides you through anticipated questions and delivers everything you need to know. This includes the amount of power you will need for your home, as well as the types of materials and how to put them together.

The Verdict: Very thorough; Extremely easy to understand; Great savings potential; A no hassle money back guarantee; very affordable; Our top pick.

Rating 8.7/10

Depth of Knowledge
Easy Plans

Highly Recommended

2. Green DIY Energy

Our second pick is Green “Do It Yourself” Energy’s guide to installing solar panels.

The guide includes a lot of great information and an easy to follow step-by-step instruction package that was created for the novice. The set of videos that come with the package are extraordinary and provide all the essentials for installation know-how.

Overall, this is a worthwhile program that will definitely help anyone create and install the solar panels, which will start saving you money right away.

Yet, despite its effectiveness our expectations were high after seeing the results with our top pick. The videos had missed a few details we had seen in the top-rated guide, and that we believe to be important and essential to the novice handyman.

With that said, we still think it’s a terrific product, with an enormous wealth of information that’s easy to use. This program is deserving of a very close second place.

Rating 7.3/10

Depth of Knowledge
Easy Plans

Also Recommended

3. Power 4 Home

Power 4 Home is our third and final selection for solar panel creation and installation. It's a unique program developed by John Russel, a home energy expert from Minnesota whose credentials are fairly extensive.

This is a solid guide that actually does a great job of delivering key demonstrations throughout the entire process – from choosing the right tools, to installation, to hooking up the electric wires. It’s all here.

While the Power4Home program does a notable job, there is also a slight downside to it. Mr. Russel spends too little time explaining key ideas, points, and beginner instruction for the ordinary homeowner. The assumption of the program is that you already know how to install solar panels and have some level of experience with the tools required. Since simplicity was a key factor for us, we had to knock-off a few points.

This product is better suited for an experienced handyman, carpenter, and electrician, and therefore this product came in at a distant third.

Where to now? We recommend Earth 4 Energy
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